One program, many faces behind our logo

Our brand is our image. Keeping it consistent is very important for our program, worldwide. Maintaining integrity is important re: color, font, appearance, and mottos. The logo, whether it is the International logo or your program, could very well be the 1st impression of both of us; remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. 1, 2, 3, WOW… make it count!.

NOT to be changed:

  • RoboRAVE colors (red & black on white, OR red & black on black) 
  • RoboRAVE font style

Placement of logo:

  • If alone, left, center or right justified
  • If with another RR Program logo, LEFT justified
  • Logo size 
    • should be larger enough to clearly ready the tag line
    • should not be blurry or pixelated; avoid by using a vector (ex. eps, ai formats)

REQUIRED - USING the RoboRAVE International logo to make YOUR RR logo

1> remove international

2> 2ND line: insert your country and location on the 2nd line,

3> 3RD line: “A Collaborative Robotics Program”

4> OPTIONAL: 4TH line: Type of function you’re holding



A Collaborative Robotics Program

(Function Type)

  1. Function Types: 
    1. Playshop (small group function to play to learn, one or more challenges)
    2. RALLY (open to members, free, to attend and play to learn, larger than a playshop)
    3. Events (may include one or more simultaneously)
      1. Virtual (RoboSensei Only)
      2. Streaming (Challenges conducted at a remote location
      3. Physical (Public attending) 
  2. Branding
    1. Logos
      1. Main logo, RRI, “A Collaborative Robotics Program”
      2. Secondary logo, RRI, “Today’s Play, Tomorrow’s Pay”
    2. Mottos
      1. “Today’s Play, Tomorrow’s Pay”
      2. Any Kid, Any Where
      3. A Collaborative Robotics Program
    3. Cheer
      1. 1, 2, 3, WOW (any as many languages as possible)



Jpg, png, eps, and ai FILES available

Google Folder - RR Logos for Directors (eps, ai format)

Your Logos AND Sponsors

Provide RoboRAVE International your logos to have on file

Provide your sponsors logos

Type: Vector Files needed

Our image is our reputation. Show it well, consistently, and clearly. Your next recruit may be seeing it before YOU see THEM!

============ END OF SECTION ============


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